Shibarium To Launch PUPPYNET, A Low-Cost Platform For DApps

Shibarium, a decentralized layer 2 blockchain, has launched an early beta test of its network called PUPPYNET. The network aims to provide a low-cost and flexible platform for developers to build decentralized applications (DApps), integrate them into real-life businesses, and power various projects with it.

While anyone can build on the Shibarium Network, the platform offers additional support to individuals, businesses, and projects that fill out the Shibarium Technology intake form. The team will provide documentation for individuals interested in becoming validators in the coming weeks. To avoid falling prey to scams, Shibarium has warned users that all tokens on PUPPYNET are not real, and it is not advisable to spend any hard-earned Shib on them, regardless of how convincing the shills may sound. Shibarium has two Twitter accounts (shibariumnet & shibariumtech), which work in tandem to give Shibarians an outstanding experience.


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