Tender.fi’s Hacker Returns The Stolen Cash To The Platform For A $97,000 Reward

 hacker who compromised Tender.fi, an Arbitrum-based loan website, has committed to repay the stolen cash as well as receive funds from the platform. Tender.fi was breached by a hacker wearing a white hat in the afternoon of March 7, and the individual stole $1.59 million.

Tender.fi has put an immediate halt to all loan processing while they conduct their investigation. In exchange for a prize of $97,000 in Ether, the hacker who was responsible for mining on the decentralized financial lending site Tender.fi has returned the stolen assets (ETH). At 10:28 a.m. UTC on March 7, Tender.fi confirmed the event on Twitter immediately after it occurred, noting that there was a “unusual number of loans” and that the initiative has frozen all funds. Consider getting a loan. According to the information included on the blockchain, the miner took advantage of a weakness in the pricing oracle.


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