Blur beat OpenSea?

The battle for trading supremacy between the NFT-platforms OpenSea and Blur is beginning to take on new proportions. By the numbers, Blur captured ~82% of all trades last week, despite OpenSea’s best efforts and the introduction of zero commission.

 Everything culminated on February 22, when Blur recorded a trading volume of $111.5 million. $111 MILLION! OpenSea, in turn, had a more disappointing result of $14.2 million.

In addition, the position of Blur on the market is gradually beginning to strengthen. Another round of token distribution contributes to this. On February 21, Blur said that in the second season it will give away more tokens to users, namely $300 million BLUR.

But there is a downside not everyone knows about. There is information that a large number of deals on Blur last year were fictitious. This “illegal” trading activity accounted for ~53% of all transactions, with about 500 wallets responsible. This may point to possible problems in the long term with Blur’s “mission” to push OpenSea out of the market. Believe it or not, it’s up to you to decide.

Interesting fact: Not many people know, but Blur has offered to block OpenSea to its users. Not long ago, the zero-commission marketplace updated its royalty policy. According to the rules, jpeg creators will receive full royalties for their collections if they block their collections on OpenSea.


At the moment platforms have approximately equal shares on the market. Even in spite of the rabid volumes of Blur.

In our new infographic you can see the comparison of OpenSea and Blur metrics.

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