Scam Alert: Fake ChatGPT NFTs Promoted on Twitter

 week, a suspicious Twitter account started aggressively promoting a very eccentric offer. Allegedly, all OpenSea users can create “living NFTs” they can talk to for just $470. Starting from March 2, 2023, an anonymous Twitter account that calls itself “ChatGPT” — just like the mainstream chatbot by OpenAI that triggered the “AI mania” in December 2022 — is offering its 13,000 followers to mint unusual NFTs. Allegedly, everyone can get what is promoted as the “first living AI-powered non-fungible token.” As per the statements of the project, such NFTs are backed by “Optimus ChatGPT” technology and can interact with humans.The Twitter account of the mint is promoted by thousands of aggressive bots sharing their excitement in comments and replies. The account posts mint announcements every four hours, and every time it offers a new price for one NFT, between 0.1 and 0.3 Ethers (ETH).

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