Zentaurios Legacy NFTs Ready to Mint

March 22, 2023 https://zentaurios.app/

~ #Zenta Fam ~

The Zentaurios Legacy NFTs, contracts, and minting dapp have been tested several times and are ready for minting and marketplace buys. As promised, the NFTS will be offered at a discounted rate to the accounts existing before the cutoff that was announced. After posting this I will message each of you on Twitter. ” I have mime” https://legacy.zentaurios.app

#Not your regular NFT Collection

First off, Zentaurios was deployed in early August of 2022. The work had begun way before that. The goal was to have a fully functional utility BEFORE taking money from anyone. Even more unusual, Zentaurios is not taking your money with empty promises. You can already post blogs, media, share events, share links, and have it all go to your profile in a way I have not seen on any other platform. And don’t forget, I have seen my blogs on Zenta get on Google faster than the same blogs on Medium.

Also, only verified accounts can post. Comparing this to subscriptions like LinkTree, Twitter Blue, and the incoming Meta Verifications, the value of a Legacy NFT will pay for itself in less than a year. Plus, we get to be that heart of how a new community grows.

Second, Zentaurios is not selling potential profits, it’s offering tools to build your online presence and communities. Relationships will be made, contracts will be agreed on, and lives will be changed on Zentaurios.

Sweat equity has gone into everything from the code to the socials to the layers to the contracts to putting it all together. Founder, dev, artist, community builder. All that just to get comfortable with monetizing the tools I’ve created for communities.

Zentaurios was built for branding. Zentaurios was built for community. Zentaurios was built for you.


  • NFTs will be on Polygon
  • 1111 Total Supply
  • First round is 50 USDC per NFT or 45 USDC for Whitelisted Wallets
  • Must hold 2 NFTs to gain Legacy status BUT:
  • 1 NFT = 1 Account
    • This means you get both a token gated and public profile for each NFT
  • You can take a look at the marketplace at https://legacy.zentaurios.app
    • This is only app in the Zentaurios ecosystem that takes payments right now
    • This is initially the only app to buy Legacy NFTs on (aside from polygonscan)
    • Listing on a marketplace requires signing over control of your NFTs to that marketplace. When I tested this, I did not feel comfortable presenting the option to list on the self-hosted decentralized marketplace, yet. Let’s take trust step by step. For now, you can list your NFTs through polygonscan or when they appear on established marketplaces (soon).
  • Sharing code for transparency
  • You can PREVIEW the Token Gated Communities page
    • Tested and functional but must be switch to official contract
    • Will share more very soon
  • And listen, this is not a financial investment. Zentaurios Legacy NFTs are an access to the utilities offered through Zentaurios.
    • Read the details in the official NFT Terms and Conditions
    • The address of these terms and conditions is in the metadata of the NFT and identified as such
    • Be the standard you want to see

#Art Contest

There will be an art contest soon to see who can make the best art with Zentauria (picture below). The details are not set but most likely the winner will get two nfts and second place will get one. The stipulations of the art contest will be that the art will be submitted to Zentaurios and voted on by registered Zentaurios community members.

This image was loaded as transparent and that will be the default for the contest. If you cannot download it as transparent you can use this link to remove the background.


Zentaurios will be listing the Legacy NFTs on various marketplaces in waves. More details to come.

#Video Chat

The video chat is an outside service. We have been able to sneak by in the free level thus far. On the NFT Info page it states the video chat will be some price over $1 per month per user. The message is to set expectations for new people that come in. This message if for those that expected more free Video Chat. If NFT sales allow, Zentaurios will cover some amount of time for its Legacy holders including those new to Zentaurios. This is not a promise.

#Next Steps in Development

First, there will be a fun little added utility for each NFT. The owner of the NFT will be able to sign in and share a short message to display with their NFT image. This message can be a shill, a message hope, thoughts on Zentuarios, or whatever fits the Zentuarios Terms and Conditions. These messages will be as anonymous as the blockchain and creator want it to be. These messages and images will display on some part of the site and I hope to create a slide show effect. None of this is set in stone not part of the initial utility but a easy, fun add on.

Second, the video chat. The chat will require emails to gain moderator rights. Visitors to private profiles will not need to sign in to access it. The ability to open the video will rely on owning the video chat NFT, if it is required. If payment is required, the visitor will have to hold one as well. In the required pay scenario, subscription NFTs will be used in various durations.

Third step is expanded media. There are two routes. Well there are many possible routes but two are key to Zentaurios. The first is maximizing outward impact and offering monetization of web2 video options through the public side of Zentaurios. This would include injecting ads and shoppable content into our videos and sharing the profits appropriately. The second route is building out all the sources of media on the Web3 side. Token gating content is only one step away from token communities. The research and planning is already done. I will stop there before I share too much.

And, if you haven’t noticed, we need messaging. Lots of options here as well.

I share this to update you but also to show, I have been working on this nine or more months now. I will keep working on it.

Creating and curating online communities will only become more important because it will tap into one of the most fundamental human needs – social connection. At the same time, it rarely makes sense to build your own branded community platform or membership site from scratch. It requires a lot of effort to create and maintain. But I did it and will keep doing it. So why not choose Zentaurios? Your all in one social networking platform. Your token gated community. Your NFTs.

Okay. I will be messaging now asking for wallets from eligible and willing participants and sharing this link as the details.

Feel Free to Contact Zenta

Message Zentaurios on Twitter

Message Webb3Fitty on Twitter

And please support on whichever platforms you are on.


Zentaurios Legacy NFTs Ready to Mint

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