Uniswap Traders Can Now Buy NFTs With UNI, SHIB or Any Ethereum Token

 marketplaces typically have restrictions on which cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase assets—but Uniswap’s NFT marketplace has just launched a new feature that changes all that. Uniswap NFT traders can now use any token on the Ethereum blockchain, such as stablecoins like USDC or Tether, or even a meme coin like Shiba Inu, to purchase their NFTs through a simplified interface. According to the crypto startup, Uniswap’s new Universal Router contract “finds the most cost-efficient route” to complete a swap from any Ethereum-based token into the required token for the NFT sales (in most cases, Ethereum) and then pushes that crypto to OpenSea’s Seaport protocol to finalize the transaction.

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