$1.2 Billion Metaverse Company Boasts It Has A Whopping 8,000 Daily Users

Last week, an NFT founder tweeted that the metaverse company Decentraland only had 30 daily active users, despite its $1.2 billion market valuation. After a cryptocurrency news outlet reported the numbers, this week Decentraland hastily corrected on its blog that its metaverse actually has 8,000 daily active users. For reference, $1.2 billion is roughly one-eighth of a Bethesda.

That’s a bad number and they should feel bad. But feeling bad requires some self awareness, which the blog post seems to lack. “When discussing the number of DAU or MAU in Decentraland, it’s worth keeping in mind that Decentraland is not a company and that it doesn’t view users as a product by which to measure success,” wrote Decentraland. “Decentraland is a DAO and the only open source, Web3 metaverse platform that is owned and governed by its community.”https://kotaku.com/metaverse-billion-daily-users-meta-nft-crypto-1849653112

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